About Us

EduBridge Academy is a career advisory and employability organization with different arms of businesses spanning individual and corporate training, recruitment, talent solutions, and business consulting.

Our corporate training is carefully designed to cater to the specific needs of our clients across various industries like financial services, FMCGs, banking, oil & gas, etc. We also design and deliver graduate trainee programs through a bespoke curriculum.

From our pool of trained talents, we match SMEs, Start-ups and business owners with the right talent needed for either short-term gigs or permanent placements. We offer recruitment services to help organizations attract the best entry-level, mid-level and senior-level professionals. Our services are flexible to accommodate cv referrals, assessment design or even complete recruitment.

We render professional services like financial modelling, business planning, strategy formulation and implementation, data analysis and accounting system design. We consult for firms across various industries and countries including Africa and Europe.


Our Vision Statement

Enhancing the skills and professional development of young people in Africa, making them ideal for the best jobs globally; producing the most gifted talents for local and global opportunities.


Our Mission Statement

Bridging the gap between Africa’s growing industry and the abundant human capital, whilst creating opportunities for young people in Africa so they can be value-additions to the global workforce.

Our Core Values

Trust us:

At EduBridge Academy, integrity is our watchword and we have proven this effortlessly since inception. As our employees trust that we have your interests at heart as we do not entertain a toxic work environment.

Your Business is our Business:

We love to meet expectations and going beyond, we believe this helps us better satisfy needs and give our clients and employees assurance.

Quality and ease matter:

We have built great standards over the years and we hope to surpass our milestones ensuring to achieve our vision.

You are family:

We care about you, we want to see you achieve great milestones in your career. You come first and be rest assured, you will always be a part of the EduBridge Academy family.

Our Solutions

Why EduBridge Academy ?

At EduBridge Academy, Our programs are of the highest quality and our trainers are among the best in the field. Our main focus is to ensure that our students receive exceptional training and gain the innovative skills they need to succeed. As a result, we are the best choice to get certified in Finance, Human Resources, Data and Consulting.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum :

EduBridge Academy creates its certification programs with the help of industry experts, ensuring that the curriculum is up to date and connected with the most recent market trends. This relevance provides certificate recipients with practical information and abilities that they can immediately use to their professional jobs.

Practical Learning Approach :

The academy places a strong emphasis on hands-on and practical learning, allowing learners to apply academic knowledge to real-world circumstances. This emphasis on practical skill development improves the usefulness of certificates by ensuring that individuals are not only informed but also proficient in their chosen subjects.

Recognition and Credibility :

The certificates offered by EduBridge Academy are widely recognized and acknowledged in the industry. A certificate from the academy represents a devotion to excellence and constant study. Employers value these credentials because they give certificate holders a competitive advantage in the job market and boost their credibility in their professional groups.

CEO and Board of Directors

Meet The EduBridge Team

Olaide Oladosu

Managing Partner/CEO

The disparity between the requirements of the workplace and the skills learnt in school are growing, with students being the ones losing out. EduBridge Academy is the foremost work preparation platform that has narrowed the skill gap in the Nigerian education system, making school leavers skilled enough to attract the best jobs globally.

Wakeel Olawale

Executive Secretary/Board of Director

The Academy is a life-changing experience. Looking for a route to get clarity and get-ahead, EduBridge Academy is the boat to hop on.

Abiola Olasoji

Senior Associate/Board of Director

EduBridge will support your professional aspirations and teach you the skills required for your chosen career - whether you are just starting out or thinking about a career change

Our Students

Recent EduBridge Academy Graduates

At EduBridge Academy, Our Programs are of the highest quality and our trainers are among the best in the field. Our main focus is to ensure that our students receive exceptional training and gain the innovative skillset. You too can be part of the EduBridge-Family